Yep, There’s Something More

“I hope this job will work out.” “I hope I’ll feel good today.” “I hope I’ll get married someday.” I use the word hope quite flippantly. Perhaps that’s why I’ve had trouble grasping the biblical idea of hope. My hope in a job, health, or marriage has no certainty in it. God hasn’t promised me any of those things, and He would still be faithful if none of them ever happened.

But as the wreckage of a world devastated by the Coronavirus, recessions, riots, and just plain uncertainty are starting to take a toll on all of our lives – there’s one thing we need more than ever before.


I’m currently in a year + long trek studying Hebrews in-depth, and I’ve been fixed on Hebrews 6:11 for several days.

“And we desires each one of you to show the same earnestness to have the full assurance of hope until the end.”

Heb. 6:11

In other words, I’m called to be diligently, every day, placing my hope on eternity. And this isn’t the kind of hope that dreams about something uncertain and far off. No, the biblical idea of hope is “an expectation of what is sure” (HELPS Word Studies). I have an incredible promise before me that is absolutely, 100% sure to happen.

Someday (perhaps soon!), I will get to see Jesus face-to-face. Someday, every question on this earth will get resolved. Someday, every hurt, pain, inconvenience will disappear. Someday, I will no longer have to battle my sin. Someday, I will truly glorify God as He made me to do. Someday — though we get but a taste of it right now — I will be in His Presence forever. Someday, I will see His eternal, all-satisfying beauty. Someday, I will experience the full reality of the God-exalting joy that brings delight my Father’s face.

It’s an incredible hope. But in the mundaneness of everyday life, it’s far too easy to forget. Tangible things promise immediate gratification: “Eat this piece of chocolate and you’ll feel happy.” “Find the perfect friend who will meet all your needs.” Or even “Get involved in this ministry, and you’ll be fulfilled in your Christian life.”

So everyday, I’m having to battle to hope rightly. Will I try to satisfy myself with things on this earth or place my hope on eternal things? I fight this battle through prayer, Scripture, community, music, and engaging with the preached Word. Daily I have to pray daily God will help me place my hope on Him. I have to reinforce that through studying and memorizing Scripture and the ministry of God’s Word being preached to my heart. I’ve found music helps — I love Matt Redman’s One Day, Well Done (The Afters), and the hymn “The Sands of Time are Sinking.”

It’s a battle I fail at constantly — but that only makes the hope more sweet.

“And so, after he patiently endured, he obtained the promise” (Heb. 6:15).

Heb. 6:15


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