Why I Need the Gospel Every Day

It’s so simple, but it’s never struck me as so profound, so connected to life.

I’ve been a Christian for twelve years, and too often, the simple message of the gospel has seemed so elementary. “That was great for when I first became a Christian, but how does that impact my life now?”

I didn’t realize how much my soul starves each day to be reminded of it until I started attending a Bible study on the book of Romans. However much theology I’ve studied in my life, the simplicity of gospel has never been more refreshing, more profound. Regardless of the many times I’ve heard about justification by faith alone, the beautiful doctrine of God’s Sovereign, effectual call, it still impacts every moment of my life.

Yet, every day, I struggle to live as if He finished all. I strive and work and sweat to please myself, conquer my goals, somehow assuming that God isn’t pleased with me yet either. But every day, I need this gospel to remind me that the same grace that has transformed my life is still at work. He is keeping me every moment, His love never changes, and I am accepted in Him.

One of the aspects I love about the gospel is its power to equalize. Yesterday, I met a girl who mentioned off-handedly that she was the only believer in her family. “Really?” I asked, thinking there was a story here. “How did you come to hear the gospel?”

She launched into a gripping tale of her search for truth, leading her to the psychology section in a local bookstore. There, on the shelf, someone had misplaced a copy of Eric and Leslie Ludy’s love story. My new friend picked it up and was immediately drawn to the account of God’s redemption in their lives. “Whatever they had, I wanted it,” she told me. She ended up at Ellerslie, the Ludy’s discipleship program, and has been pursuing the Lord ever since.

Our stories couldn’t have been more different. I, raised in a Christian home unable to remember a day not knowing Jesus’ name and her, a newer believer discovering God through a remarkable act of Providence. And yet, having met for the first time, we connected as if we had everything in common.

Perhaps it’s because the gospel is the central component in both our lives. That simple message that Christ’s righteousness has now become mine continues to transform the way I live every day because He has done all.

Tomorrow, I will need to remind myself again. He is all, and He has done all.


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